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Bull Shark – Carcharhinus leucas

shark with snapper

Facts about Bull Sharks

Bull sharks live in both the fresh water and salt water found around the world. They seem to be able to live just about anywhere that there is a deep body water with plenty of fish for them to consume. One of the main locations where they have been spotted is along the Mississippi River in the United States. They are also found around Nicaragua.

Facts about Bull Sharks

The bull shark is classified as number three on the list of most dangerous sharks in the world when it comes to attacks on humans. They don’t move very fast but they are certainly able to tackle their prey due to their sheer strength. They are unpredictable and that is what makes them so dangerous.

It is believed that bull sharks are responsible for almost all of the different shark attacks out there. Yet other species of sharks are often blamed for it. The person may mistake the look of the shark for some other type. Since the bull shark moves around so much it may be in an area not known for it so they don’t get held responsible for it.

Bull sharks are extremely territorial which is why they often do attack people. They do migrate to follow the source of food but if it is plentiful they will remain in a certain area. This is quite unusual for a species of shark to do as most don’t call any particular part of the water home.

The Foods Bull Sharks Consume

The bull shark has an array of food that it is happy to consume. They include other sharks, fish, turtles, sting rays, mollusks, and even birds from time to time. They aren’t picky about their diet so they will eat what is readily available.

They use an usually method to capture their prey though. It is referred to as the bump and bite techniques. This involves using their body weight to bump the prey. It disorients them and it can even kill them. This gives the bull shark an advantage and before the prey can recover it is being eaten.

Anatomy of a Bull Shark

Bull sharks are extremely large both in length and weight. They have quite demeanor about them. They can be approximately 13 feet in length and up to 1,270 pounds. Females being larger than males. They are gray on the top and white on the bottom. They also feature two dorsal fins, one that is large and one that much smaller than the first.

Reproduction of Bull Sharks

Other than during the mating process bull sharks are completely on their own. They don’t get along well with others. The female will carry the young for approximately one year before a live birth. The litter can range from 4 to 10 pups. The are immediately on their own and separate from each other as soon as they can. Reproduction with bull sharks doesn’t take place until they are about 10 years of age.

The Future of Bull Sharks

These aggressive types of sharks don’t have too much to fear in the water. Occasionally they have been known to be eaten by tiger sharks and even great white sharks. They may be a meal for alligators and crocodiles as well depending on the location. Many hunters fear and despise the bull shark though so they are happy to kill them.

Still, the numbers of bull sharks out there are quite high. Therefore there isn’t much concern right now about their ability to continue thriving in their natural environment. That is good news too as they don’t seem to do well at all placed in captivity.




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